Adrianna H

Adrianna Hummels is a medium (someone who speaks and communicates with ghosts), being somewhat mysterious and very aware of her surroundings. She doesn't like to talk but if she must she makes sure the conversation goes by fast. She is 16 as of today and is 5'5. She has black hair, green eyes, and tanned skin and has an IQ of 103.


Being very quiet and mysterious, she never says too much about her past, only the fact that her parents died when she was young and ever since she found a way to contact them she talked to their ghosts all the time. She was cared for by her grandparents who didn't let use speak to her parents so she later ran away, no note saying where or why.


Adrianna carries around a dagger.

Other Information

She has a feral cat named Phoenix and she joined the Squadron shortly after it was founded. Her rank is specialist. Her weakness is both fire and water, her strength is the air, and her fatal flaw is personal loyalty.

What She Thinks of People

Ray Pool - Thinks he's a bit strange but doesn't question his leadership.

Derek Voramee - Thinks he's alright.

Sierria Nowalk - Likes her enough but the whole "gets demon from hell to drag you down" thing creeps her out.

Ivy Willow - A good friend of hers.

Mark Trium - Doesn't really like him much.

Sen Urec - Thinks he destroys things too much which ticks her off.

Aria Sanual - A good friend of hers.

Kallakabukk - Respects him greatly.

Gabriel Angioletto - Has a crush on him.

Tourmaline Persona - Doesn't know her well but thinks she's a good person.


In her ChangedForme she looks more like a ghost and she is more aggressive and reckless.

Element: Aires.


She can create small twisters and can fly, nothing that harmful, but she is less in control of her emotions and can often go on a rage, creating a deadly twister.

Threat Level: Medium