Aero is an OC and main character of Xclusive

His sith cold war style apparel

About himEdit

His birthday is on the 30th of April (Me and The Sentinel have the same birthday) 15 years before he joined the squadron, so basically, he's 15. He plays basketball a lot. If anyone steps on his basketball shoes, he brings out his saber.


He is an Ex-Sith Knight, who killed his master because of his master's laziness and lack of intelligence.

Aero inherited his master's fortune and his mansion.


He fights with a red sith lightsaber, he uses Form V which he thinks is the fastest of all the forms. He looks like a blur at his fastest. He also uses the force, but just to push or pull things or people.



Under the Armor

He wears blue and black robes from the sith, he also wears shin and shoulder guards with knee pads. Underneath the robes, he wears a striped shirt and regular jeans. Without his robes completely, he wears a blue and white jacket, another striped shirt, and jogging pants. He also owns shades. He wears a lot of variants to his robe style.


He has 2 things that will really get on his nerves.

1. He freaks out everytime someone steps on his shoes. He loves his shoes.

2. He HATES ghosts.


He owns a small Shih Tzu puppy, he calls him Xcludog, or James.


He has two VERY different personalities; The Immature and the Mature. When he's immature, he's really immature. He eats with elbows on the table; mouth open, and talks about disgusting stuff the whole evening.

When he's mature, he's the most disciplined teenager you've ever seen. He doesn't speak unless spoken to, his hair somehow suddenly combs itself (His friends suspect that he combs his hair superfast).


He can't fail. He doesn't like to lose, but when he does, he goes CRAZY. He'll do anything to not disappoint people.


He can use the Force and he's skillled with a lightsaber.
A395 float

Aero's bedroom

Wierd thingsEdit

A list of stuff that happens to him, and annoys him:

  • No one ever opens him bedroom door, it's mostly either kicked down or drove through, mostly by Karol and his hammer.
  • He sometimes wakes up with either blonde, black, or brown hair.
  • One day, everyone started calling him "James".

What He Thinks of Other Members of The SquadronEdit

Karol Capel - He's his best friend, they traveled together to the Squadron's base.


"What up?" -His usual greeting

"Later" -His goodbye, he makes the "r" long

"Did you just step on my shoe? Damn, you wanna die?" -When someone steps on his shoes

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