Mark is one of the newest members of the Nebula Squadron.



OP ScoreEdit

Mark scores a 30; Perfect


Mark Trium

Mark Trium


Mark Trium looks like the average 15 year old kid, and thus always carries around his cellphone. He has medium length light brown hair, and usually wears a white undershirt and a, brown deep V shirt. He has light blue eyes.


Mark is very lively and enjoys knowing peoples secrets, and usually find out from the persons dreams. He is often mischevious and doesn't care about personal privacy, often getting him into trouble.

Other InfoEdit

Age: 15

IQ: 100

Favorite Past-time: Being in the Dream World


Mark can enter into other peoples dreams and has slight control of them, however is no match for somebody who has full control of the dream. He can also pull people that are sleeping into the Dream World.


Mark a long wooden rod/staff to fight, and is pretty skilled at it. He knows how to use a gun, but isn't very good.


Power: EnergisEdit

Mark Trium CF

ChangedForme Mark


Mark looks very similar to himself, except his eyes are totally white.


Mark, while in this form, cannot talk and thus is not very open or friendly. He only focuses on one objective in this form, and when he goes into dreams he never goes off task.


In this form he is not different from his normal abilities, but can make people fall asleep as he can enter their dreams. He also has almost complete control of the dream.


In this form he doesn't use any weapons, but instead uses his dream control powers to defeat enemies.



His fatal flaw is believing he is impossible to be defeated when he is in the dream world. If he is hurt in the dream world he is also hurt in real life.


  1. While he can change his looks in the dream world, he never does.
  2. He always has cravings for bananas and sleep.