Ripa OrdaneeEdit

(Ree-pa Or-dan-e)


Ripa is a bounty hunter/assassin. He will do anything to get the job done.He is almost always successful.He is usually payed by the Taricta to take out high ranking enemies.


Standing at "8,7" Ripa wears shielded armor which is bullet proof,arrow proof and such. This armor allows him to go invisible. His species is Sangheili. Ripa is also known for his very deep and cold voice.His weapons are two energy swords, and sometimes does hand to hand combat, which one punch from him could knock you out.(I wouldn't suggest picking a fight with him.) He is also very tall compared to humans.He gets mad easily.

thumb|300px|left|Ripa on missions to pursue and capture people.

Threat Level-LeathelEdit