Noah King, AKA "Sandman" is a member of the Nebula Squadron. He is a combination of a spy, a special

Noah King
The Future Force Armor made by the NSC










Nebula Squadron, WARHOUND


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operations agent, and a WARHOUND mercenary. Before the squadron, he was tasked to destroy the latest incarnations of a nuclear bomb-equipped bipedal mecha.


He was "born" April 30, 1999 in Los Angeles, California. His mother died of cancer when he was 7 years old, his father was very silent when they lowered her body into the ground. But his father started talking again a week after his wife died, and he did what any other dad had to do, like teach Sandman how to ride a bike and stuff. His dad was almost killed by the Taricta when he was passing by an alley and left him in a coma, so he left his dad for a while to hunt the taricta. Also, he's really good at Football (American). After a few years, he came back to his father, now conscious but in critical condition.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

He was a nice, caring teenager, until he was "hardened" by war. He won't show his emotions in any way, but he would make a few jokes sometimes. Along with those traits, he still has some of his nice side, being self-sacrificing, and he believes that even though on a battlefield, friendship and love can flourish. But still, he believes violence is equal to honor and glory. His Threat Level is Semi-High, which means he can kill up to 45 or at least 25 people in one battle

Weapons and ArmorEdit

Noah sometimes uses guns he finds on the battlefield, but he brings an AR-15, DE.50, and a ballistic knife he made. The knife has a compartment for just one bullet, the recoil string is located in the handle. His armor was provided by the NSC's future warrior program, but when he's not wearing his armor, he usually wears a black shirt, camo pants and sometimes a white jacket with a red hood and red sleeves.


"These dumb@sses don't even know!"

"See?, THIS is why we make hand grenades!"

"What the hell?"

"I'm cold!"

"It's SO hot!"

"Ooooh, Look! BALL!"

"I saw a car with a plate number 'SUX 845' yesterday"

"You can try but it ain't goin' down like that BEEYOOOTCH!!!"