Sierria Nowalk


Name: Sierria Zoeh Nowalk

Age: Thirteen years of age

Height: 4'6"

Body Type: Short and skinny

Threat-Level: Great-Extreme (Rl)

Extreme (dreamland, she can summon more dead and stuffs)

You may be wondering why she's that high of threat levels. It's because she can make demons come from hell and drag you back down where you'll burn to death over and over again. But of course she'd never even do that to her worse enemy.

Changed FormEdit

Element: Necrom


She can summon and command the dead, because she's a Necromancer.


She usually uses a staff or gun


She'll turn into a black fox that seems to be made out of shadows, almost all of her body black/gray besides her eyes which are sea-green and her personalty changes majorly because she goes from friendly, funny, etc to a bit cold and violent.

Fatal FlawEdit

Sierria is afaird of dying. She's scared of becoming a ghost that another Necromancer will control, so whenever it seems she is going to lose a fight she runs.


  • Has a cat named Kiwi, She's a calco
  • From a previous battle, She has a scar that goes across her back and goes up her neck and traces along her jaw and ends at her chin. She usually covers it with make-up and has nightmares of the day she got it all the time, these nights she wakes, screaming.