The Sim room is the main training room which can simulate a variety of enemies, terrain, and obstacles. It covers a decent portion of the base, which is a single floor that is the length of the entire width.

Location: 64th Floor



In Easy setting, it simulates enemies, but they don't shoot at you but will take cover and notice you.


In Normal setting, it simulates up to 20 enemies, small obstacles, ground, and other items. Enemies will simulate fire at you, but you will not be harmed.


In Advanced setting, it simulates up to 100 enemies at a time, a variety of obstacles, terrain, and items. Enemies will fire on you, and you will experience pain if you are hit, but it cannot kill. They can co-ordinate and make plans.


In Extreme setting, it simulates up to 500 enemies at a time, any obstacle, terrain, or item you want. Enemies will fire on you, and they can cause extreme harm and even death. They are extremely smart and can make advanced war plans, they also learn from your battle techniques to fight you.

Additional SettingsEdit

  1. Zero Gravity - Distorts Gravity in the room, making everything float around.
  2. Gravity Distortion - Can raise or lower gravity in the room.
  3. Labyrinth - Creates a maze covering the room, it is different every time.
  4. Scrambler - Every # minutes the everything in the room is transported to a different location in the room.



Soldier ClonesEdit

Very easy enemies to beat single handedly, but mass amounts of them can cause problems.


"Smart" monkey assassins. They are pretty tough to beat, but if you have more than one person they are easy to take out.


BetaBeasts are tough, formidable opponents who are extremely hard to beat even with more than one person. Note: They are locked out of Simulation unless there are more than 1 person in the Sim Room on Advanced, and 3 people on Extreme.

Other MembersEdit

The Sim Room can simulate other members of the Nebula Squadron to fight with you or against you. (Ray Pooll, Derek Voramee, Sierria Nowalk, Sen Urec, Noah 'Sandman' King, Adrianna Hummels, Mark Trium, Kalla, Tourmaline Persona, Ivy Willow.