Hello everybody and welcome to the Nebula Squadron! It is roughly the same as Inferno Squadron, except mainly diff base and characters. REMEMBER TO KEEP GOING ON INFERNO SQUADRON!!!

Btw, I added 2 features that you might wanna do.

1. Rank

Look at the Rankings page and you can decide which rank you want your OC, however you can only choose from Major and below Major without asking me first. Also add it to your Character page the rank you are; (At the top)

2. ChangedForme

You CAN do this if you want to, but every so often something happens which causes everybody who does it's character to 'Change Form' If you don't get what i mean look at Ray Pooll and go to his ChangedForme section. The ChangedFormes get somewhat of elemental powers when they change, and they change to look similar to their original forms, but noticably different. In the ChangedForme they get the Power of the Element they are assoicated with. (I.e Oceane can control water[Can toss water-balls], Wild can call animals or control them, Nature can grow plants fast, Aireis can fly).


  1. Oceane (Water)
  2. Pyric (Fire)
  3. Terra (Earth)
  4. Energis(Magic/Psychic)
  5. Wild (Beast/Animal)
  6. Nature (Nature/Forest)
  7. Chaos (Chaos)
  8. Aireis (Wind)
  9. Voltic (Electric)
  10. Necrom (Unholy/Ghost/Spirit)