Xavier is a human-avian hybrid.


He has grey wings with specks of black, reddish-orange hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. He is taller than most people, standing at 6'2 at only 15 years old. If they had a chance, most people would ogle at his wings so he has thought more than once to cut them off.


He doesn't reveal much about himself and prefers to keep his wings hidden from the outside world, but on occasion people will see him as he flies through the air so as a consequence ends up living in places where few or no people live. He makes assumptions most of the time which cause most people to hate him, as he thinks most people are Erasers (half wolf half human mutants). He is over confident about his abilities yet always feels like he has something to prove to everyone, which is a fatal flaw for him.


He is stronger than the ordinary human so uses his fists and his power of telekinesis. If he has to he will use a gun but usually won't if his telekinesis doesn't fail.


Doesn't know anyone from the Squardon yet.